IOT Specialist

A team that loves to create

Do you possess:

  • Excellent communication skills, because you will have direct interaction with users
  • Keen analytical skills when troubleshooting problems, because you will handle different hardware and systems
  • Self-starter attitude, because you are at the forefront of the latest technology


Your role with us:

  • Provide answers to clients by identifying problems; researching answers; guiding client through corrective steps.
  • Improve client references by writing and maintaining documentation.
  • Accommodate client disabilities by recommending devices and techniques.
  • Improve system performance by identifying problems; recommending changes.
  • Accomplish information systems and organization mission by completing related results as needed.
  • Place software into production by loading software into computer; entering necessary commands.
  • Place hardware into production by establishing connections; entering necessary commands.
  • Maximize use of hardware and software by training users; interpreting instructions; answering questions.
  • Maintain system capability by testing computer components.
  • Prepare reference for users by writing operating instructions.
  • On-site coordination of hardware installation
  • Troubleshoot and maintenance of hardware
  • Maintain historical records by documenting hardware and software changes and revisions.
  • Maintain client confidence and protect operations by keeping information confidential.



With Class 2B (motorcycle) license will be an added advantage (Optional)



No experience required. Vocational or Trade Certificates / ITE / Diploma / Degree


Salary: SGD 1800 – 2200 per month

IOT Solutions Architect

Keep it simple

Do you possess:

  • Exceptional presentation skills, because you will have direct interaction with management and key stake holders
  • Extensive technical knowledge and experience, because you will be the expert in designing and providing solutions for enterprise level systems
  • Effective coaching and mentoring skills, because you will be in charge of identifying, assembling and grooming a highly motivated team of IOT Specialists.
  • Business acumen, because you will be involved in scoping the costs and resources, and managing the profitability of various projects
  • Entrepreneurial spirit, because you are expected to continuously seek new applications of Overdrive existing technology
  • Visionary leadership skills, because you will initiate new ideas to be implemented as research and development projects, which may eventually lead to development of key IP assets


Your responsibility:

  • Understand the capability of the Overdrive platform technology stack, experienced in major technology and open sourced platforms, with ability to deliver enterprise solutions architecture and design
  • Manage the deliverables of all projects, including costs, resources, and vendors
  • Drive and increase the adoption of the Overdrive platform in various key industry sectors.
  • Architect efficient solutions for clients by introducing and inserting Overdrive as part of the solution design
  • Identify various solution partners in support of extending the range of Overdrive services into different industry and business applications
  • Seek new and improved hardware appropriate for integration into Overdrive platform
  • Coach and mentor a team of IOT specialist
  • Effectively communicate and update management and team on all projects
  • Take a pro-active approach in identifying potential problems, recommend and implement the pre-emptive measures before the problem arises
  • Keep abreast of any latest technology and industry trends, and any updates in statutory rulings that may impact Overdrive
  • Take charge of the innovation processes in Overdrive, be the initiator in enhancing the IP portfolio of Overdrive


Familiar with the Startup ecosystem (Optional)

Qualifications: Minimum 5 Years relevant experience

Salary: Remuneration commensurate with experience