For Enterprise Integration

Overdrive platform is an advanced cloud-based system, partnering with Microsoft that is suitable for all scale of integration, no matter how big your idea is. Our solution empowers you with wealth of information at your fingertips – anywhere, anytime and from any smart device. With information gained from your solution, you can take the appropriate actions to dramatically increase the productivity of your fleet.

Easy to operate IOT management software and support to monitor fleet activities from start to finish

A Comprehensive Suite of Fleet Management Tools

Simple and versatile fleet management software backed by live support, mobile access, and online collaboration. Empower your fleet with cutting-edge technology, customizable features, and 24/7 visibility. Access your fleet data from any device with Overdrive platform.

Overdrive Fleet Management Features

Live Tracking

Track your team live on a map and their task progress from anywhere in the world.

Intuitive App

Our app for Android and IOS is feature packed and easy for customer to learn.

CSV Download

Download your jobs as CSV for analysis or import into other programs

Task List

See all your tasks for the day in the order they need to be done, with simple intuitive actions.

Instant Dispatch

Direct your team wherever you are by sending jobs to drivers’ phones instantly from a browser

Flexible Job Shape

Create single-stop jobs, pick up and deliver or multi-stop jobs with no hassle.

Instant Refresh

Instant push updates mean you never have to refresh your jobs to see new tasks or details

Unlimited Users

Job-based pricing means you can have flexible teams with as many drivers as you want.

On-Demand Transportation Services

Expand your reach with online transportation services and solution that enables better fleet and ride management.

Other Products

Overdrive Platform with Intelligent Video System

In addition to the Overdrive GPS – enabled fleet management system, we also offer various solutions tackling the visibility challenges of operating all classes of vehicles on the roads.

Heavy vehicles are necessary for various industries, but the usage of heavy vehicles such as bus, trucks, cranes and other construction vehicles cause many problems on the road.

Overdrive intelligent video surveillance system can effectively prevent these problems by empowering drivers with increased situational awareness, leading to an overall increase in productivity and reduction in costs.