Powering connectivity


Fully integrated platform for your apps and devices


Predict and analyse device usage patterns


No idea where to start? We have plugins and services ready for you.


What do we provide?

Sensing sensors

Our platform allows unlimited number of sensors to interact with you, providing real-time information

Device integration

Have a device and want to make it smart?

Smart phone integration

Want to build a cool service using your smart phone?

Custom Development

We provide tools for all sorts of integration for your services.

Who we are?

Innovation through passion and needs.

Our goal sounds kinda simple, we want to connect every day things to you. Allowing you to have true freedom, controlling the things that has been controlling you.

  • We worked on connected cars, building one of the most comprehensive solution for your fleets
  • Schools, Overdrive platform, with 3rd party management system, we allow parents to keep track of their beloved kids, no matter where they are
  • Security for homes, using the Overdrive platform, developers designed a solution, allowing housing management to monitor who is entering their compound through their shuttle bus services
  • Logistic companies can now provide instant updates of their delivery to their customers using our platform