Unlimited possibilities, Limited only by Our Imagination


On the 6th of April 2018, Overdrive met with Xavier boys from Manilla. A walkthrough of Overdrives accomplishments and possibilities IoT offers were showcased. From the most whimsical, A LEGO lawn mower man endlessly cuts the grass and Guy Builds a Self-Powered Driving Potato That Turns Out to Be a Better Pet Than a Cat, to the most innovative life-changing, This Tiny Country Feeds the World.

 “From simple hobbies to solving real-world problems.” ~ Zen.

Ideas and questions soon filled the room, it was easy to converse with their IT background. E.g. How devices (smaller than palm size) can acquire temperature, humidity etc… simultaneously. The boys engaged enthusiastically, perusing Overdrive’s v.1 school bus system flaws, promptly diagnosing that young children were not able to complete tedious tasks.

Citing how IoT improves sustainable liveability, Netherlands spearheaded a solution against the increasing world’s population, while crop sizes remains unchanged or declining. To the boys, it was an interesting, practical form of farming. The technique is well-known, but the scale of the operation surprised them.

“Many solutions are not possible with current technologies.

That should not stop us from imagining and being the one to realize it

To spur the boys imagination, Overdrive brought up popular (Sci-Fi movies) – Interstellar, Passengers. Showing them imagination’s endless possibilities.

Interacting with Xavier Boys, taught us a few things about their generation.

Drive and imagination.