Simple Smart Solutions

“The real currency lies in finding the small patterns, and then being able to act on it either individually, as an organization, or even on an industry level.”

– Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella on smart solutions


As the Internet of Things progresses on a global scale, introducing more opportunities within industries, with it comes the rise of complications. Whistleblowers worldwide have shone a spotlight on the possible drawbacks that could be a fervent side effect in the haste of creating a hyper-connected world.

Hardware flaws, security concerns, incomplete infrastructures, just to name a few, are some of the obstacles that stand in the way of further innovation.

That is not to say that milestones aren’t being created – in 2017, the Netherlands established itself as the world’s second biggest food producer thanks to its rapid developments in smart, sustainable farming, with its army of climate-controlled greenhouses, hydroponic crops, and more.

But more solutions of the future are arriving.



Overdrive focuses on managing all things on the move, to spur today’s solutions for the challenges of tomorrow.

An Internet of Things (IOT) platform that connects IOT devices and aggregates data to help create smart real-world applications that will push the company and Singapore as a local brand with a global footprint in the pursuit of cutting-edge technologies.


Fleet Management


Automobile businesses can now simplify fleet management with Overdrive’s range of plug-and-play sensor devices for light and heavy vehicles that could optimize management costs, maximize schedules and hone procedures.

Through the platform, businesses can now track fleet location in real-time, keep an eye on driving habits and monitor vehicles for preventive maintenance to boost safety and efficiency across the board.

(Example of platform being used in a route in Singapore.)

Tracking the fleet through the platform also enhances customer support – for example, should a customer complain that the delivery took too long to arrive, the business can refer to the driving history of the vehicle and investigate for more information, instead of relying on the sole accounts of the customer and the delivery driver.

Through the platform, businesses can also follow the course of its fleet, helping them address the highest safety concerns such as making sure their drivers follow the local speed limits and refrain from unsafe driving patterns.

This system can be further expanded should businesses need overseas extensions, by aligning the platform and sensors accordingly.

For a more in depth look into how Overdrive’s fleet management system has helped real organizations thus far, check out The School Bus Project.


Warehouse Management

With the projected rise of value in warehouse management systems – it is projected that by 2024 the industry would be worth 4.1billion US dollars (Statista, 2018) – it is no wonder that with it comes the expanding need for said system to revolutionize its way through IoT.

Through the platform, enterprises are able to accurately track large-scale inventories across their various warehouses and factories with little time and effort.

Instead on relying on traditional organizational systems, minimize the time taken to report inventory, decrease human error in cataloguing items and delegate tasks through a streamlined and centralized system – all through the use of tags.

The Overdrive BLE Tag can be used to tag items throughout the factory, which businesses can then apply pre-set tag settings to help the items act as a beacon i.e. the mobile app will be able to tell workers simply not only what items they have in their supply and how many, they will also know whether they’re 10 meters, or even 150 meters away, supporting large warehouses everywhere in the world.



Security System

CCTVs are still the go-to solutions for firms to ensure their property’s security but it is not without its limitations:

  • Can be costly to deploy and maintain
  • Fields of vision are fixed and limited
  • Passive approach – does not provide feedback, notifications or most importantly, triggers
  • Requires additional manpower to monitor footage

The security of any building requires a pro-active approach: pro-active mindset, pro-active deployment and pro-active command.

With this in mind, Overdrive’s Building Security System complements existing CCTV systems, enabling security service providers to administer a more holistic approach in managing building security.

With an app that’s compatible on both Android and iOS devices, extensive customized reports can be created to show data captures, follow-up actions, operational insights and more.


Through the app, firms can now map out all the checkpoints within the building (embedded with Overdrive iBeacon), assign specific tasks for security officers to carry out at designated checkpoints, plan multiple patrol sequences or routes, review operations and performance in order to gain insights and more.


Through these IoT-driven approaches, Overdrive aims to advance and connect everyday things to everyday businesses and make the everyday simpler, streamlined and savvier, from a global perspective.

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